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CTBC Bank, New Delhi Branch (Date of establishment: April 1996)

Established in the year 1996 in New Delhi, CTBC Bank is an organization complying with the traditional Indian values of service to the community. We are a scheduled Bank as per RBI regulations and the branch has been established under license from Reserve Bank of India. CTBC Bank is regarded as one of the well-run foreign banks operating in India. The Bank has completed more than sixteen years of successful operation in India and has stood the test of time by growing steadily, offering vast, varied and versatile services with a personal touch. Today, its good customer service, adherence to Prudential norms, complying with all the regulations stipulated by RBI and its Head Office in Taiwan and adoption of modern technology for betterment of customer service have earned the Bank a place of pride in the Banking Community. The Bank has been richly endowed with a relatively young, dynamic and efficient manpower, which is the key factor of the Bank’s success. Excellence in performance and uniqueness in customer service form the central core of the Bank’s organizational culture. The growing confidence of its clientele is well reflected in the Bank’s performance in all critical areas of its operations through the years.

History & Background in India

Taking into consideration the economic liberalization, market scenario and the opportunities available CTBC Bank had made entry in India by opening its first branch in New Delhi. The need for the presence was felt by CTBC Bank Taiwan, as there was no financial institution from Taiwan in India till that day.

The first branch of the bank established in New Delhi was set up largely to cater to the business needs of Indian Corporate as well as Taiwanese clients. Moreover New Delhi being the Capital of the country the place was selected to cater to Northern and Eastern part of India as most of the foreign bank were catering in West of India i.e. Mumbai.

The entry in India was during Financial Year 1995-96 and office was set up in October 1995. RBI allowed banking license in February 1996 and the Bank formally started operations from April 1996.

The bank has now opened its second branch in Sriperumbudur, Chennai in June 2012 and will primarily be catering to the commercial banking requirements of both international and domestic companies in Chennai SEZ area. 

CTBC Bank, Head Office

CTBC Bank was first established in 1966, as China Securities Investment Corporation (CSIC), to facilitate the trading of stocks given to landlords as compensation for lands transferred to farmers during the government sponsored land reform program. During its existence, the Bank has undergone two reorganization schemes: changing its name to Chinatrust Investment Co., Ltd. in 1971 and later, transforming its operations to become the Chinatrust Commercial Bank in 1992. The growth of the Bank coincided with Taiwan’s economic developments and historical trends’, having experienced the formation and development of the country’s financial market and is closely related to it.

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